Sunday, July 24, 2011

Criminal Defense Attorney - What Are the Benefits to Using One?

When facing a criminal charge, there are three options for legal representation that a person must choose: self-representation, using a lawyer or hire a criminal defense attorney. The smallest percent choose self-representation, which is the riskiest option. Besides lack of experience and access to legal materials, self-respondents did not have the objectivity required to present their case.

While some may mistakenly believe that since the plan to plead guilty you do not need a lawyer, who forget that a lawyer would be able to find options or to reduce the sentence. There are many factors to consider when determining whether it is better for a defendant to request to negotiate or go to trial. A professional lawyer will be able to analyze and evaluate all the facts surrounding the case, including evidence held by the State, the testimony of witnesses and physical evidence.

Court-appointed criminal defense attorneys are not available for all. Each state and each county has guidelines for determining eligibility for legal representation, in whole or in part. These guidelines are based on respondent's income and only take into account only income, not a spouse or other relative. While it is often assumed that government lawyers are not as effective as private attorneys, studies show that private defense attorneys, on average, produce only a little more conviction to the types of dismissal. Public defenders have the advantage of extensive experience and knowledge in a specific court system, including relationships with most of the parties at trial.

The disadvantage is that the defendant is not able to select a public defender. And although there are ways to request a change of public defender, who can be very difficult to do successfully so. Defendants do not have the option of interviewing potential candidates and select the one with whom they feel comfortable and communicate and work well with.

This is an important part of the process of selecting a private attorney. The accused should interview several criminal defense attorneys, after a lot of questions prepared in advance. It is important to select a trial lawyer who has defended against similar criminal charges as they are facing. Resist hiring an acquaintance or a lawyer who specializes cheaper in another area of ​​legal practice. A criminal defense attorney will have access to knowledge and research results related to the study that allows them to be able to develop a comprehensive strategy.

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