Monday, July 25, 2011

Sydney, Australia - Singles and Dating Guide

"We're going to play toothpaste taste in your mouth," Chris told us to pour a glass of champagne. Chris was our host Tatlers, the first vineyard in our wine tour in Australia. We started at 9:00 am and visited seven of the approximately 140 wineries in the Hunter Valley near Sydney.

I never thought about the wine actually has a "front-end effect" and a "back-end effect." In Bodega Tatlers have learned to distinguish between the taste of a wine when it first hits your tongue and taste when it comes to the back of the throat. Another thing we learned was that many entrepreneurs Tatlers Chinese are coming to Australia to learn about the wine business. Winemaking is a rapidly growing phenomenon in China.

I had a dog came in the hold of Calais. One of their wines is a pet dog named Hannah family. Apparently so many wineries around the world have dogs living someone has published a book called Dogs of wine, with stories and pictures of dogs that make their homes in the vineyards. Hannah's dog Calais Winery, in the book. It is a best seller. Kangaroos are other pet owners in Australia vineyard welcome. Apparently, they eat grass and prune the vines of the upper leaves, but leave the grapes alone. Birds on the other hand are a threat. During our time in the Hunter Valley we heard these loud explosions every few minutes. They came from "weapons of power 'that trigger annoying chasing birds away from ripening of the grapes. Another tip we received from Joanne, our hostess Bodega Calais, was that all wines, red or white wine should be served at the same temperature , 14 to 17 degrees. I always thought that white wine should be chilled red wine should be served at room temperature.

Little Winery's winemaker was a woman and she said, while making wine used to be the exclusive domain of men, more and more women entering the profession. She also told us that the algae is an excellent fertilizer for the vines, is five years since they planted a vine until the grapes are harvested it good first.

We learned about a crisis in the wine business in the first winery Creek. Apparently, its increasingly difficult to get oak barrels for storing and aging wine. "Cooperage" the art of making wine barrels is dying and this has pushed up its price. First Creek winery saw some barrels that cost $ 4000. A barrel of wine can only be used three to five years and then its hue of oak, the flavors of the wine is gone. They are experimenting with the addition of oak chips for red wine to duplicate the taste of the cask, but the purists say you can definitely taste the difference. First Creek have also learned wine bottles with corks are about to be a thing of the past. Screw caps with a much better path to ensure the wines are not bad as they mature.

The Bodega Scarborough we have a large group of Swiss doctors in a wine route. I did not know whether to believe them when they said his government had paid for their vacation to wine country of Australia. "In Switzerland you think a happy doctor is a good doctor," he said. Perhaps the Swiss according to Benjamin Franklin who said, "Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions. It makes you more tolerant."

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