Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selecting Flowers For Your Wedding Party With Your Budget in Mind

As the bride usually the traditional wedding party takes or has any flowers for the wedding ceremony. The following four options are the most common and traditional. You will find that the cost of all these various flowers that will cost about $ 350, not including the bridal bouquet, flowers and other flowers on the altar ceremony to include.


As it usually does the bride, the bridesmaids usually carry them too. The matron of honor bouquet is usually a little larger than the others, but certainly not as big as brides.

Male members of the wedding party

The groom, best man and other male attendants of the ceremony, ushers and parents of the bride and groom usually wear orange blossoms. This practice actually dates back to the days when a knight to wear his lady's colors, usually a small handkerchief.

The flower girl

In most cases, the flower girl carried a basket of flowers or petals to be launched along the corridor. This comes from an old English custom the entire bridal party would follow the flower girl on the way to church, while the flower girl would pull the petals.

Mothers and grandmothers

The mothers of the couple and the grandmother who normally use clusters of different styles.

The best advice to start your search for wedding flowers is a perfect party to see what everyone wears. Unless you have chosen to go with white roses for everyone, it's almost impossible to pick the flowers that will work no matter what the person is using. Once you have determined what everyone is wearing, you can choose the season, locally grown flowers in colors that match the outfit being worn.