Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prams and Pushchairs - A Brief History

One of the carriages first record was created by a man named William Kent, back in 1733. It was designed by the Duke of Devonshire and his design became popular among rich families in countries across Europe. Kent really is best remembered for his landscaping of the stroller though. The initial style was like a miniature horse-drawn carriage instead of the hand pushed versions we know today, with the intention of a dog or a goat to do the job of removing the leg along.

The stroller was developed during the 19th century with the most important design change is the addition of handles on the back, which allows parents to push the stroller - this had the stroller be something fun for the child a lot more practical device that could be used by parents and servants. Strollers former are constructed from rattan and the child feels right, but from the mid-19th century designs changed to allow her to lie down. In the 1860's and 70 have a pram was in fashion for the richest families in Europe and American society, and since the 1920s that the use of all kinds became common.

In the 1930 Car of children were much safer with a reduction in wheel size, a deepening of the body and reducing the height. This made the car more stable and have helped to prevent accidents - making it harder for the baby to come out and a smaller drop to the ground, if this were to happen. The addition of footbrakes also became a common practice at this time. The designs were by now also changing the style of wicker-old constructions of plastic, rubber and chrome.

The stroller, after being hired to create the stroller word, was born in the 20th century. Also known as a stroller, the new device first appeared in the 1920, but did not become widespread until the middle of the century. A real breakthrough came in 1965 when a man named Owen Maclaren invented what is commonly called the umbrella stroller.

This ingenious design was the first true style stroller buggy. We used a lightweight aluminum frame that collapsed to a compact size, so storage and transport when not in use much easier. Strollers Strollers quickly surpassed as the most popular form of transportation for babies and kept this position until today.

Today strollers are so popular as they ever were, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. There are three wheels and four wheels, some of which come with a car seat and are known as transport systems. Two other in which can be converted into strollers to lie down. Others are known as three in one and also allow you to separate the crib that can be carried separately. You can also buy specially designed buggies for off-pavement, such as country walks. Not to mention the recent trend of strollers that let you run with baby in tow.

If you have more than one child models are called buggies double or tandem buggies that allow you to carry both children simultaneously. There are even triple strollers if you have a little cherub to deal with!;u=14553

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