Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Custom T Shirt Design - Screen Printing Or Digital

OK, so have decided to take the big step and, finally, some custom designed shirts for his band, trying to sell at fairs in the local pub. Apart from their shirts and a pleasant appearance and showing their band's name around town but would also be good for you and your palate can make some money on the deal, to help buy new equipment. Therefore everything must be done right, so it goes off without a hitch. Like I'm ready to go out and do a write and place your order, someone beeps and asks "Are we going to have the screen or printed digitally?

Does it really matter?

What is the difference? Does it really matter how you have your shirts custom printed? Everything depends on several factors to consider. The screen printing method is the classic where the dye is forced through a silk screen on the web. Digital printing is done in the same way that the paper is printed on a digital printer.

Some things to consider

While a digital printer can do multiple colors in one shot and requires no set tasks, has its flaws. For starters, the ink has to be thin, so it will work in the digital printer. This means that you'll see his best result in a light colored shirt t customized. Furthermore, while small digital print orders are cheaper, the numbers change when the order gets larger. This means that large orders of screen printed shirts will be cheaper.

Screen Printing dark fabric

For as a dark shirt, screen should be the only way to go. Thicker, tacky colors that are required to cover the dark cloth, so it will not work on a digital printer. With the screen printing of thick sticky dye is placed in the current frame and then forced through the screen hand using a plastic spatula.


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