Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sibillini Mountains of Central Italy

Sibillini Mountain Range, the mountains of central Italy, is part of Appennine series. The range's highest peak reaches 2400m. Sibillini National Park spans an area of ​​70,000 hectares. It was built in 1993 in a national park and the ecology of the area is a priority. Since the establishment of National Park Wildlife boar, porcupine, wild cat, deer and has flourished with the recently launched chamoix. Twenty wolves have also been identified. Is varied with many rare species of flora Appennine edelweis.

Mountains is the name of the Sibilla, a prophetess, who became a sex symbol is derived from witch's vice president. He was sent into exile in the mountains and lived in a cave at the top of Monte Sibilla. In addition to the legend of the mountains of all kinds of myths prevail. This, for example, said that Pilate, died after his body was brought to the Sibillini Mountains and has now put in Lago di Pilato. Chirocetalus Marchesoni a unique shell fish called the lake would go home to. And their eggs can survive drought but the shell fish swims.

Sibillini National Park at the south end are three high-altitude depressions. Pian Grande, Pian Perduto and Pian Piccolo. Pian Grande is used for growing cereals. Flower in June, bringing these areas fiorita, very colorful and attract many tourists. Mountain ranges on the other end Pintura del Ragnolo, a protected wild flower area, which in the spring wild flowers, including orchids and peonies have been involved in an amazing performance. Visso other attractions in the park or San Ginesio, various small towns as well as important religious sites are the historical and cultural wealth.There are also museums, some of them in local life and Amandola Cessapalombo coal production in the anthropological museum or the museum are a number of such custom declined.

Sibillini mountains are still as in the old days used to pasture sheep and cattle.Instead of hiking the mountains, ample opportunity for other activities such as cycling, horse riding, skiing, paragliding and much more organized or provide independently. If you are not too much activity for you to drive the highest passes, can have a picnic and take in spectacular scenery. In summer the mountain huts you (rifugio) for an excellent lunch can be treated.;u=111678;u=3922

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