Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rating Structured Data Cabling Networks

Cat 5. 5enhanced cat. Category 6. Augmented 6. In researching the data cabling to fit the needs of your home or business network, you may have heard all these terms mouth regularly. You know it's X Cable Category 6 because the seller says. That's fine, but what does that mean the reliability and functionality of your home and business network. Each of these terms represents an increase in the capacity of the wiring and the underlying network support.

Data Cabling Categories refer to the network speed

Someone who is well versed in the rules for wiring know that the higher the category assigned to a cable, the faster the network will work. For example, Category 5 cable is compatible with network speeds of up to 100 megabits (100 Base-T) at distances of up to ninety feet, while the Augmented Category 6 are compatible with speeds up to 10 Gigabits (10 GB Base -T/10, 000Base-T) at distances of up to ninety meters. Go back to category 6 cabling simple, and still get the support of 10 GB, but supported the shorter distances. Singles power is also measured in megahertz. Category 5 is capable of handling signals up to 250 megahertz, while the Augmented Category 6 cables are compatible with speeds up to 500 megahertz signal.

How can improvements in structured data cabling

In a network environment, the interference is the greatest enemy of effective and error-free data transmission. The less common intercom on the wire faster than the cable will be capable of transmitting data a. Interference is the phenomenon where the signal is transmitted in a couple of cables, leeches, or bleed more, pairs of adjacent cables. An example of interference in daily life can be found when you pick up the phone and listening to people other than the person you intend to call. Interference is reduced by turning the cable pairs. First each pair is twisted around itself to a specific type of turns per inch rate. Then the four cable pairs that make up a single cable are twisted together, again in a specific type of turns per inch.

Data from the structured wiring components must correspond

Just because you have the Augmented Category 6 cable installed, it automatically means you're going to have a network that supports speeds of up to ten gigabits. All computers on the network must be capable of operating at the rate of the date ten gigabit, otherwise, the network will operate at data rates supported by the most valued piece of equipment. Use the car for an example, even if you put a series of Goodyear racing tires on it, if the engine is out of a lawnmower, the car will not be able to go very fast, unless update motor. This is true in the network as well. The connecting wires, plugs, connectors, patch panels, hubs, routers, and network interface cards must support all gigabit network protocols ten for the network to function at that speed. Of course, thanks to the Ethernet network topology, one piece of equipment such as a network printer, it will not drag the whole network, as that link.


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