Friday, June 17, 2011

How Do You Sell a Home That's Not Your Personal Style?

It is generally assumed that it is easier for a seller to sell a house when the seller "thinks" in the product. This leaves one wondering, the opposite is true as well: It is difficult for an agent to sell a house that is not the agent's personal style?

Washington, DC metropolitan area attracts people from around the world because it is the capital of the United States. This cultural influence has created a melting pot large virtual interior design and style. This cultural diversity has the advantage that there are more options then most U.S. metropolitan markets.

If you remember the history of this nation, Virginia was on the south side of the conflict. There are still many remnants of this in the design of the home, the market preference is still the colonial style. Because of trends toward Northern Virginia is "the land of the colony", other styles tend to stand out. Standing among the crowd can work in favor or be a disadvantage, it just depends. The times they work in favor of the home seller is whether the style is rarely available, yet highly desirable. The times it works as a disadvantage is that if the taste is so specific as to attract a very small group of potential buyers, the seller has to wait until the next potential buyer enters the market.

My response to a buyer who asks if I like a house that is considering the purchase, usually respond to the fact that I have a house I like, and my job is to help find a home that can be a life happy in general I keep my answers focused on what the market value of a property, instead of what my tastes are.

The key to selling a style unusual for the internal market is to discover your unique value proposition. First, I visit the owner to reduce what attracted them to the house, and then find ways to apply it to a wider market. Sometimes it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack but requires further analysis. Another technique is to find the last time a similar property sold and what were the conditions and relative prices in the market at that time. I have also contacted officials in other market areas that have dealt with similar properties to collect information on how to successfully market the property.

Sometimes you need to have an honest conversation with the salesman and explain to them that either by improving their home for the market or built something that the market wants. What I found is that the price will overcome anything. A true market determines the value of a product / product, not the person who owns it.;u=4014;u=4713;u=111989;u=112034

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