Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Systems: Active Vs Passive Solar Heating Systems

Using a solar heating system you are interested in? If so, you have several options. One of the key people to select an active or passive systems do.

Active solar heating systems are?

This type of system exploitation, and (as heat) is to collect solar energy. It uses fans and other items that have been used without the heat. Solar heat collectors producing silicon solar cells are the most common. Typically, cells, solar panels, which are contained on a house located on the roof.

The main types are?

There are two primary types. Their difference is material that captures and the solar heat collector is located in the trick lies. Typically a gas or a liquid material. For example, an air-based system usually involves transpired air collectors, air or room heaters. On the other hand, liquid-based system, usually water (or antifreeze) to include the capture and move heat.

How much power does it provide?

Usually such a system goal to three quarter of a home's interior heat. More solar energy is produced than is needed when a home, homeowner, then his or her local utility company could sell excess power back. Also, both air and water heat in your home is recommended, your system can work throughout the year.

Passive solar heating systems are?

This type of system to capture solar energy is a low-tech method. Directly capture the sun's heat, and then heating the work within the home by maintaining it works. It mainly quality insulation and windows as this is achieved through such methods. This type of system your current heating costs may reduce or even replace your home's current system.

What are its components?

Windows are the primary components of such systems. Target the sun and the amount of heat that can store a maximum during the day. Typically, a special type of glass windows that consist of as much as possible to absorb more heat and is then a maximum amount of time indoors.

In addition to windows, passive solar heating system, another common ingredient trombes, which are a special type of wall. There is a pane of glass in front of the wall. Mission and the space between the glass wall is to take the heat. Another method of solid walls painted black, so they will absorb more sunlight.

What are its benefits?

Usually it is an ideal choice for a new home you are looking for a solar heating system. The reason is that passive solar heating system factors as the location of windows in the house are based in the location of the building itself, the amount of insulation in the building, and so on. These issues can be quite within the existing homes and relocation of the house, especially the challenge!;u=6973;u=2482


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