Saturday, June 4, 2011

Near Field Communication and Signage Design

Area of ​​a digital signage systems and improve information communication and marketing implications for control is one of the latest technologies. A radio frequency technology field for a target device uses to communicate with the initiator. Google already have their new Google Wallet, who purchase, redeem coupons, and other smart phone with your financial account information enables users to track the use of this technology. Other applications are expected to follow soon.

Proximity Active
Near field communication technology avoids confusion with other users and readers with a close proximity to a large extent by the information security is required. Typically, the smart device 4cm beyond digital digital kiosk or reader should be dialogue with the reader. To say, however, where the paid services are concerned, the best smart phone users strictly adhere to security policy to protect your password information is integrated with digital finger printing technology until at least have to.

Near Field Communication and Personal Profile
Although it is not yet on the market, the region near the communication technology for smart phones, smart other devices, and digital signatures is the ability to interact with the installations. Smart device by creating a personal profile, a digital communications to the area most relevant to the user will be able to display information sign. It is already possible to some extent with an interactive touch screen, but automatically displays information and personal profile information to improve further. A hotel, for example, a guest reader on a digital kiosk or use their smart phones and kiosk, then restaurants, shopping, entertainment, the most likely to appeal to users, etc. Performance could.

Means to an end
Customers in addition to providing superior customer service and information technology, the new signage design business can be accurately and inexpensively can help track consumer shopping information and other tasks. Signs posted in some places near field communication installations also can be shared by business partners. In fact, Google your wallet - not the customers or business plan is not a transaction fee. Rather, the company to triage your Google offers to further increase your ad sales with the service plan information.

Signage Design
Technology already assimilated easily into digital signals and kiosks, but the digital signage manufacturers, retail does not mean, and financial services are suddenly accepted the near field communication future. No doubt, they see the Google Wallet and other applications take off, glitches and security breaking what may ensue, and to the extent that customers feel confident using technology for financial transactions will be completed waiting are.;u=53293

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